Five tips to protect against ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber attack in Australia. How can you protect your business?

Ransomware hackers steal businesses’ files and demand ransom payments to get them back. The attacks can be devastating financially for companies that are not prepared.

For example, the WannaCry attack hit 200,000 victims in 150 countries.

If you run a business, follow these five tips to safeguard yourself and your business against such attacks. 

1. Update your software

Pay close attention to the software you use. Emergence Insurance recommends you alway accepting options to update or patch your operating system and other key applications immediately updates are available. Updates are often designed to strengthen cyber security.

2. Install antivirus software

Regular software updates alone do not ensure your systems are protected. Viruses are still a threat because they constantly evolve. Guard against them by running a reputable antivirus tool and remember to update your software immediately when updates are available.

3. Use common sense on the internet

Be smart about not exposing yourself to cyber attacks. Think before you click on unfamiliar links and don’t open strange email attachments. Delete all emails that look suspicious.

4. Backup your files often

Create backups of all your files often. It’s a simple, effective way to ensure that if ransomware thieves steal your files and hold them hostage, the thieves have no leverage against you.

5. Develop a cyber security plan

Develop a long-term plan to strengthen your business’s cyber security. It should include educating your employees; upgrading hardware and software; building a business continuity plan; and buying cyber insurance protection to safeguard your business financially in the event of a cyber attack.


Article has been prepared by Emergence Insurance.