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Manufacturing is a diverse industry; there are many different products being made, using various production methods and equipment, providing various business opportunities. The risks and hazards faced by manufacturers are also diverse. Having a broad well-structured insurance program ensures you are sufficiently protected should any incidents occur.

Issues most frequently faced by manufacturers include:

  • Service interruptions due to equipment damage
  • Lack of skilled workers
  • Product Liability and Product Recall
  • Building and/or equipment damage
  • Occupational health and safety incidents

Highly specialised machinery can take months, even years to repair or replace. It would be detrimental to have to slow down or even cease production completely while having equipment fixed or replaced. Manufacturing also requires highly skilled workers and it is often a high risk work environment. We work with you to identify OSH risks and hazards in your workplace to prevent incidents from occurring, protecting you and your valued employees.

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Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry. There are plenty of factories and plants worldwide for clients to choose from. Having to close a factory for a certain amount of time due to an incident can diminish your competitiveness within the industry. Allow JHR to provide you with a tailored insurance program so you can continue to run your business without any interruptions.

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