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Mining and Engineering are volatile and risky work environments. As a contractor working in this industry, you understand the risks and hazards and you are aware that absolute care is needed to ensure a safe work environment. As a contractor, you are responsible for having your own insurance. Having the correct insurance program should be part of every mining and engineering contractor’s project management plan.

Each contractor faces complex and unique risks, depending on what you do, where you work and what you are working on. Accidents can occur at any time and when they do, the results can often be serious and extensive.

How Contractual Liability affects you

Contract agreements between you and another party that you sign frequently include onerous indemnity and risk transfer agreements. This means that one party (typically your business) assumes liability for all parties involved. These types of arrangements have a significant impact on your insurance program.

Contractual Liability should be an essential inclusion in your insurance program. This insurance protects you from many liabilities you may assume when you enter into a contract.

If you are a contractor with a contract to sign, or if you have already signed the contract, we suggest you contact us straightaway. At JHR, we offer a comprehensive Contract Review and Analysis service. We identify issues relating to indemnity clauses and insurance obligations. We can provide strategies to alleviate those issues and we will ensure that you are properly insured before you commence your contract.

Your specialist insurance partner

At JHR, we are committed to providing comprehensive and tailored insurance programs to all contractors working for the Mining and Engineering industry. We have been providing insurance to these industries for many years and are well aware of the risks and dangers contractors in these industries potentially face.

For more information or to get started on your insurance program, contact us at +61 08 9328 5399 or today.

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