Being a successful property investor relies on taking your role as a landlord seriously. If you manage your property and your tenants well, you’ll keep your tenants happy, resulting in a continuous cycle of income for you. It is your responsibility as the landlord to keep the commercial property in a leasable condition and ensure the building is insured properly.

Becoming a commercial landlord and building a property portfolio is enticing, but it also comes with many risks. It is essential to have an adequate insurance program in place before considering leasing out your commercial space.

Some things you need to consider insuring for are the following:

  • Building and contents of your commercial property
  • Loss of rental income due to building damage or lease abandonment
  • Commercial landlords liability
  • Unintentional and/or deliberate property damage by tenants or others

Commercial and industrial property can come in a various range of shapes and sizes, such as factory units, warehouses, retail and office units. Therefore, insurance programs for commercial and industrial property can also come in different shapes and sizes. We can arrange a tailored insurance program that is suitable for your commercial property portfolio.

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At JHR, we are experts in providing tailored insurance programs to commercial and industrial property owners. We understand that you have made a considerable investment in your commercial and industrial property. We are here to provide a comprehensive insurance program to give you a peace of mind so you can continue building your property portfolio.

For more information or to get started on your insurance program, contact us at +61 08 9328 5399 or today.

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